Aotearoa and I Are Wounded.

This eve, I am wounded. Now and then, tears well in my eyes, all I can do, is find succor in beautiful music … at this point, the Duet from the Pearl Fishers is playing.

I have lived in Australia far longer than my birth country – Aotearoa (the Land of the Long White Cloud – New Zealand). Australia, many moons ago, became my home, I loved, and still love her. But in recent years, a tension of white supremacy and racism has reared an ugly, increasingly strident head. To the point where now and then, over the last three or four years, I’ve seriously given thought to travelling on a Kiwi passport, I had begun to be ashamed of being Australian.

I have watched, read and listened, as increasingly strident politicians, inevitably Liberal, National, or the hideous One Nation, sought attention for vile vilification of non white, or non Christian people. It sickened me.

Occasionally, people I called friends, even family, would espouse views that took my breath away, in terms of blatant, uninformed, biased racist, unfounded fear. Flames fanned by the right wing federal government, under the rabid Abbott, the principle abandoned Prince – Turnbull and, in recent months, the ‘Onward Christian Soldiers’ unforgiving ‘nice uncle Morrison.

Increasingly, I’ve read incandescent shared posts (set up by Russian trolls), warning of our rights being trampled by Muslims and Africans. Meanwhile, white Catholic priests have been found to be buggering little boys for years, but the message stays on point – Muslims are taking Over, They Want Sharia Law! That’s interesting, I wonder what the Sharia Law punishment is for sexually assaulting children?

I’ve been ridiculed, sometimes dropped, or blocked, for my “leftard fucking views”. Sometimes, I’ve wondered myself why I bother. Then I think of my grandkids and know that I must try to leave them a better, beautiful world, which segues into today and the abominable horror that has locked down the City of Churches and now, the entire Kiwi nation, in horror and disbelief.

I don’t care if you unfriend me – the Liberal / National parties, the Pauline Hansens and the ultra right wing Christian parties created the Christchurch killer, with their message of fear, venom and hate.

Those fucking bastards have blood on their hands – 40 souls and counting. Australia has bred, nurtured and empowered a killer to cover my country of birth in blood and darkness.

This peddling of filth and hatred must stop. NZ has never been perfect, but in it’s own way, it’s been naively pure, always striving to be better, but Australia, like Saudi Arabia, now exports terror and hatred.

As Australians, we all need to dwell on the sewer we are swimming in. As for me, I am wounded, as is my country of birth, but just as Aotearoa will overcome, my tears will dry and by God, I’ll will work to turn this once magnificent nation around.

We are in grave danger of loosing our soul, we are no longer ANZACS, we breed white supremacist racist hatred and killers, all the while telling ourselves we’re the nation of a fair go. Bullshit.

I would like to think that all across this wide, brown land, we are sitting stunned, shocked and ashamed, wondering how it came to this.

I am wounded, and so I suspect, are our nations and the World.
Greg Ross

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