This Time They Gave Them A Mountain – Bathurst 2014

Some thoughts and I haven’t covered every team or driver, just stuff I’ve pondered on these last 24 hours, after being glued to the television for every second – well see my comment about Ch 7!:

  • I cannot remember ever watching, either at the track, or on television, a more exciting race, this year’s Bathurst truly earned “The Great Race” title and without any rain.

  • Channel Seven with the advertising – you are taking the piss, you gouging bastards.

  • Anyone who wins at Bathurst deserves to win, a fabulous win for Chaz Mostert – hell of a start to his career and fantastic for Paul Morris after all the years of trying.

  • The usually acerbic Garth Tander was surprisingly likeable, affable, even humorous in his Sunday television appearances.

  • Roland Dane is wrong accusing Jamie Whincup of losing the race, he drove magnificently, Red Bull’s strategies proved wrong in the final laps, Mostert etc would not have been catchable no matter how quick any ‘Splash & Dash’ was carried out. Whincup kept them in the points.

  • Karma came for Ingall after his comments about other drivers during the road repair wait.

  • Although Dane did the screaming, the officials were right in denying Courtney a run in the Top Ten Shoot-out, his car did not qualify for it.

  • Penske money is the only hope for DJR, thankfully it’s coming.

  • Fantastic to see James Moffat get on to the podium

  • Equally fantastic to see Jack Perkins go so well – nice guys don’t have to come last.

  • Well, they don’t have to, but sometimes – I hope GRM find a gentle, face-saving way to help Robert Dahlgren move back to top level motorsport in Europe, or perhaps a Polestar management role here in Oz if he and his family want to stay.

  • Superblack Racing proved they’ve got the goods.

  • Craig Lowndes did not deliberately push Winterbottom out of the way, he plays hard, but fair and has never done it any other way.

  • The hug from Lowndsy to Warren Luff was pure gold, every sports person in every sport everywhere, needs to watch that clip.

  • Frosty’s run of bad luck continues, but really, there was no difference between him and Whincup, both magnificent racers, yet nether of them managed it this time. Frosty would have ended up doing what Whincup had to do – go like hell on no fuel.

  • Fantastic to see the Davison mob pull a fourth for Betty, she and her team deserved it.

  • So sorry for Lee Holdsworth and the team, again!

  • Terrible luck for Team BOC and Bottle-O Racing.

  • The design of these new cars is incredible, they must be the safest racing cars in the world and moving the fuel tanks is saving peoples’ lives.

  • Dunno who resurfaced the track, but if we can get it right for 450 ton plus aircraft to land at 200km/h plus, we can surely build a bloody race track that doesn’t break up.

  • Scotty and the Gary Rodgers mob – you deserved to be on the podium, win really, but hey, 21yrs old and already an affable race winning legend.

  • The Gis and Tekno Autosposts – just like Scotty and GRM, you deserved to win, but as Mark Skaiffe repeated many times on Sunday, it’s a cruel sport, time is on your side.

  • In summary, every driver deserved to win or at least be on the podium on Sunday, but if I had to pick three that really deserved to be there (but weren’t) it would be Scott McLaughlin (Volvo), Shane Van Gisbergen (Holden) and Jamie Whincup (Holden).

Greg Ross (Armchair Enthusiast)

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