Who the Hell is Greg Ross and Why Midland?


Who the Hell is Greg Ross

[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_greg-ann-april-shots-013.jpg]1040Greg in business mode.
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_l1020044-002.jpg]190My wife and me enjoying a long lunch
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_fmgs-haul-road-156.jpg]150Out on the FMG Haul Road at Christmas Creek
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_fbk-northern-wildflowers-tour-album-title-photo-framed_0.jpg]140Tour guide work with the fantastic Goldrush tours
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_driving-a-coach-chassis-across-the-nullarbor.jpg]110Delivering a coach chassis across the Nullarbor
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_img_20160507_102313.jpg]120Photography and motor sport
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_1-signed-picture-mark-webber.jpg]60Mark Webber smokes up the Red Bull F1 machine
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_jack-in-perth-003.jpg]60Sir Jack and the RX7 in Kings Park
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_the-larrikin-feb-2013-010.jpg]50Every bloke has to have a toy!
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_acting-oscar-001.jpg]80All the World's a Stage - Garrick Theatre Guildford
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_aunty-jack-greg-ross-charity-run-at-kununurra.jpg]70Aunty Jack comes out of the closet for charity fundraising events
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_image27.jpg]40
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_image1.jpg]50A couple of days on the mighty USS Stennis
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_image.jpg]50
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_political-campaign-pics-004.jpg]90Dunno who the bloke on the left is, but that's Greg Ross on the right.
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_l1050041.jpg]90David Morrison, 2016 Australian of the Year.
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_charlie-hebdo-003.jpg]80Support for Paris
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/who-the-hell-is-greg-ross/thumbs/thumbs_img_20170210_135309.jpg]70

A dad of four and granddad of three, married to Ann (they’ve just celebrated their second wedding anniversary). After a long period in West Australian tourism as a tour guide driver (something he still loves), followed by many years in the corporate sales and marketing world, roles including marketing Barbagallo Group marketing manager, Dowerin Field Days CEO and marketing manager / joint acting CEO of Yirra Yaakin Theatre, Greg retired from the corporate world to follow his passions of writing, photography, acting and music (a freelance journalist for some 20 years and a past guest lecturer at WAAPA on Arts Marketing), working occasionally as a FIFO road train driver to keep the wolf from the door.

His personal and business experience has given him a unique outlook on life in Western Australia – he’s seen how it is on both sides of the fence – the corporate world and the blue collar battler territory. A passionate believer in the Aussie ethos of a fair go, he has become more and more concerned at the lack of support and respect for working people, pensioners, the long term injured, including police and service men and women, plus the horrendous constantly rising cost of living versus an ongoing steep decline in real wages.

A deep concern at the realities of major party politics, with a belief that more often than not, the party is more important than the voters, led to him standing as an Independent at the 2013 WA State election, for the electorate of Kalamunda. Greg had played a major role with the City Gatekeepers in the fight to try and stop the Elizabeth Quay vanity project and the insidious Development Assessment Panels (DAPs). The same dedicated group could also see the unrestrained spending of the Barnett Liberal government was dangerously speculative when balanced against the inevitability of an end to the mining boom, Greg and the others in the group tried to warn voters that the light at the end of the tunnel was an oncoming locomotive.

As history shows, Greg wasn’t elected and the Liberals won in a landslide, but as we all witnessed, the mining boom did burst and financially, WA slipped into inexcusable debt, with a situation where our population is now in decline, full time employment is being replaced by part time and casual work and the state has been brought to its knees financially.

Worse, while the Liberal and National parties complained bitterly to all and sundry that the GST carve-up was killing WA financially, there was an obvious reluctance to find a way to fix it. The major parties are run by Eastern States head offices and in the case of One Nation, policy is fiercely dictated by a Queensland head office. Not only that, current West Australian Federal parliamentarians seem singularly uninterested in the ludicrous GST situation.

Julie Matheson approached Greg to run as a candidate, her concerns for her beloved Western Australia matched Greg’s and, with his wife Ann’s permission, he accepted, specifically requesting that he be allowed to stand for the electorate of Midland.

Why Midland?

Greg loves trains and Midland has a marvellous historical railway history. In his days as the Barbagallo Group marketing manager, he staged the first event at the then dilapidated railway workshops. The MRA was just about to begin the redevelopment and CEO Kieran Kinsella was delighted with Greg’s ‘off the planet’ themed event. The event launched the new Audi A4 and featured a live steam train, vampires and even James Bond rescuing a fair maiden. Some time later Greg and Ann moved to live in Woodbridge, virtually next door to the Midland Railway Workshops


Audi A4 Launch Midland Railway Workshops

[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l1.jpg]960
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l2.jpg]60
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l5.jpg]80
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l6.jpg]80
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l7.jpg]90
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l8.jpg]40
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l9.jpg]30
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l10.jpg]30
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l11.jpg]30
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l12.jpg]30
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l13.jpg]30
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l14.jpg]30
[img src=http://www.gregross.com.au/wp-content/flagallery/audi-a4-launch-midland-railway-workshops/thumbs/thumbs_a4l15.jpg]30

Midland is a wonderful mix of people and cultures, from Noongar, through to Indian Ocean countries and Europe, with a rich cultural history and a natural geographical position as the gateway to the East or the City of Perth. Yet it’s been neglected in the past, as a councillor said the other week, “Midland is a place you pass through on the way to somewhere else.” However development is now happening, as the city spreads out across the coastal plain, however at what cost is the sixty four dollar question? The City of Swan has just voted to develop the town’s only oval, in spite of widespread public disagreement. There is also major disquiet at plans to destroy an old hotel for yet another service station, once again, the community is not being listened to and certainly the current Liberal government is not exactly renowned for its belief in community over development. What inevitably occurs when development accelerates, is ordinary people get pushed out, simply because rents and purchase prices rise as places become gentrified, single income people, those on a pension, or those without a job, will find themselves pushed further and further out of town. The soul of a place often disappears – Subiaco is a prime example of how to kill off both the spirit and the viability of a community. Greg feels he can help people keep the community going, while ensuring reasonable and much needed development continues.

Campaign Dream – Don’t Tell Me I’m Dreaming! Together we can make it happen!

Greg is passionate about pushing every agenda possible to fix the insanity of the GST system, he specifically wants to look after pensioners, unemployed people, Indigenous issues, long term injured workers, tourism and road safety and has a passion for the arts and education.

He feels voters are now understanding the benefits of committed, reflective and passionate small parties and that the old two or three major party system is broken and no longer serves either the State of Western Australia or the nation.

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