The Midland Super-Council That Barnett and Day Don’t Want You To See… Until After The Election!

The map below is what John Day, Liberal member for Kalamunda and the Premier don’t want you to see until after the next election . . .

The Robson Report’s proposed merger of Midland, Kalamunda, Bassendean, parts of Wanneroo, Swan and Mundaring.


A mega-council with an estimated population of 283,300 by 2026.


Not surprisingly, Premier Barnett is delaying any decision on this merger until after the March 9 Election. 

(For the current Kalamanda Electoral District map, please click on the following link:

But wait, there’s more . . .

  • The Barnett Government will deny us a vote on amalgamation and force it through, by Act of Parliament if necessary.

  • Even Robson and Local Government Minister Castrilli could find no hard evidence of savings or benefits in amalgamation.

  • Higher salaries for CEOs and council staff, new offices for the mega-councils and a new Local Government Commission will increase our rates.

  • The Mayors fear that the government will strip the councils’ multi-million land and building assets.

  • Local government elections will be conducted by the Western Australian Electoral Commission, voting will be compulsory, and party political nominations will be permitted.

  • On these matters, Minister Day will toe the party line. He won’t support those who value local democracy.

  • As Minister for Planning, John Day has replaced local government and community say on planning with a system Development Assessment Panels (DAPS). These are very popular with the big developers, shown to be not working and costing the taxpayers more. Remember, the Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority is authorised to rezone anywhere it pleases.

Nowhere is safe from rezoning, development, or destruction of our natural environment.

As your member, I will fight:

  • To protect our built and natural environments against inappropriate development.

  • To scrap the Development Assessment Panels and restore local democracy and community consultation on all planning and development.

  • Against forced local government amalgamation and party politicisation of local government.

  • For greater local democracy and community consultation on all planning and development.

As your member, I will:

  • Support the return of local planning approvals to our local governments.

  • Stand for more open and honest government.

  • Restore people’s respect for state government.


Vote 1 for Greg Ross, Independent 

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