Rip Off Eating in Perth & Fremantle

We got ‘done’ last night in Freo. Over the last few months, we’ve really come to like the Fish & Chips (we usually get a Fisherman’s Basket) at Sweet Lips down on the foreshore. It’s been offering better value than either Cicerello’s (expensive, fatty), or Kaillis (excellent but very expensive), plus the advantage of BYO.

And these days, from our place in Woodbridge, it’s a 1hr plus drive. But last night, the Fisherman’s Basket was so skimpy, (we estimate half the size of two or three weeks ago, though still the same price $18.95), we ordered some more, – chips and two Crab Cakes. I wish I’d photographed them. They were almost $5.00 each and round shaped, approx 3cms wide and 2cm deep!

We won’t bother with Freo again, like Perth, it’s now a joke. These people are either laughing their boxes off having a lend of us, or they’re paying stupid rents.

I’ve reached the conclusion people in Perth are better off to save the money till they travel overseas and enjoy proper pricing. EG: At many places in Europe (Germany etc), you can get a fantastic fish and chips and dessert with a glass of wine, (or beer) at the Northsea (Nordsee) franchises for 10 euros (A$12.00).

It’s worth checking out FedUpPerth’s Facebook website for info on the rip-offs all over the town, link herewith:

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