Kalamunda Forum Event is Cover Story in Kalamunda Echo

The cover story in today’s Kalamunda Echo features the community forum I organised for the people of Kalamunda last week. Interesting to see Councillor Geoff Stallard, also running as an Independent, jump on the bandwagon – better late than never. And I see the Labor candidate the Deputy Mayor of Swan, also feels he against it, which puzzled me, as many of us felt Labor was in favour of forced amalgamations and the hideous Development Assessment Panels, however after this was written, a Labor person assured me that although Labor supports ¬†amalgamations, they don’t want to force them. he was hazy on DAPs. John Day and the Liberals of course, would far rather you didn’t know or talk about it.

Who are you going to vote for:

  • Your current political representative?
  • A councillor who’s only just realised what could happen?
  • Labor, who seem to have made a very sudden back-flip on forced amalgamations, but are very quiet on DAPs?
  • Or a true Independent who brings matters to your attention?

Kalamunda Echo Story 1 22 Feb 001

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