If you, or your partner works in an industry such as mining and construction, what really happens when an employee suffers serious injury necessitating long-term recovery? More often than not, you’re not told and you can find yourself making what may later prove to be ill-informed decisions.

Heaven forbid that it ever happens, but if it does, you need to know your rights and how to deal with each situation as it develops. I’m not a lawyer, or a doctor, but I can tell you from experience what happens, from initial pressure to be treated by company appointed medical staff, rather than your own doctor, through to the basic realities of weekly, decreasing compensation payments. Of course, the information is of little value, if you suffer a minor injury – a day, or even a week off work recovering and I hope it’s of no value if you’re some loser trying to rort the system, but if you are genuine and your injury / recovery is long-term, then you, your partner and family need to be informed.

I’m grateful to West TV Ch:44 for extending me the opportunity of being interviewed, it probably won’t do me any good, however I’d like to think my experiences will be of some help to others who may find themselves injured at the workplace. Clicking on the above link will take you through to the YouTube video of the Shadow Boxing programme.

Greg Ross

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