Greg Ross & City Gatekeepers Vindicated on Issue of Tunnel Emergency Lanes

I have been criticised by some people and contradicted by the Minister for Planning, John Day, for my video clip showing and explaining the madness of removing the existing Emergency Lanes in the Northbridge Tunnel, all to cater for the Premier’s Waterfront vanity project, which will include the virtual destruction of Riverside Drive as a major arterial / tourist access route across the city.

It is only three days ago, (Monday 28th January) I spoke with Jane Marwick about this issue, indeed John Day rang at the end of the segment to tell people I was wrong.

In the name of sanity road safety and the voters of Western Australia, I demand that John Day, Colin Barnett and Troy Buswell  rethink an act of ill-considered planning and keep the emergency lanes in the Tunnel. They are wilfully wrong.

I  have attached links to the ABC report on the coroner’s finding, the 6PR interview (unfortunately only part of the interview is on-line) and the Tunnel video.

The ABC Report on the Coroner’s Finding

The City Gatekeeper’s Video

Greg Ross Interview with Jane Marwick

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