Greg’s Photography

Greg's Photography

[img src=]420Sydney Memorial 2
[img src=]90Sydney Memorial 1
[img src=]80The Australian Chamber Orchestra at Vasse Felix
[img src=]90Avon Mist
[img src=]100Kimberley Dragon
[img src=]20The Wildflowers of Kalamunda 3 Bottle Brush
[img src=]60Sometimes it's OK to throw Your Money Around
[img src=]30
The Music of Two Cultures
[img src=]40Harmony
[img src=]40Purple Haze
[img src=]30Kalamunda bush
[img src=]60The Wildflowers of Kalamunda 1
[img src=]70The Wildflowers of Kalamunda 2 Dampiera
[img src=]30Kangaroo Paw Extended
[img src=]20Grass Tree at Sunset
[img src=]20Back in Black (Kangaroo paw)
[img src=]20Vineyard, Caves Road, Margaret River
[img src=]10Aged Beautifully
[img src=]30On Blackwood
[img src=]20Homestead (the Wheatbelt)
[img src=]20Smoke Scream
[img src=]30Shimmering at Ballard
[img src=]20Silent Sentinel
[img src=]20Goldfields Eagle 1
[img src=]20Goldfields Eagle 2
[img src=]20Goldfields Eagle 3
[img src=]10Goldfields Eagle 4
[img src=]10Goldfields Eagle 5
[img src=]20Vanishing Point (it's a tourist coach at speed on the Nullarbor
[img src=]20Submarine on Gages
[img src=]50
Lest We Forget - SAS Swanbourne (sculptor Robert Hitchcock)
[img src=]40Ice on Fire (McNaught's Comet)
[img src=]50Dowerin Eclipse
[img src=]30Moonscape (the Pinnacles)
[img src=]10Ghost Riders (Gogo Station)
[img src=]30Wandjina
[img src=]30Kimberley Terror
[img src=]10Boab and sky
[img src=]10Lord of the Boabs
[img src=]20Ephemeral Sky
[img src=]20The Beauty of Evil
[img src=]20On the Wing at Bow River
[img src=]20Windjana Sunset
[img src=]20Cable Beach - a Bird's Eye View
[img src=]10Lugger Sunset
[img src=]20Broome Sunset
[img src=]20Natural Art 1 - Breakaway Country
[img src=]20Natural Art 2 - Gold Country
[img src=]10Natural Art 3 - Salt Country
[img src=]10Natural Art 4 - Floodplains Country
[img src=]10Natural Art 5 - Roebuck Bay
[img src=]10Freo Nights
[img src=]20Those Daring Young Men
[img src=]20Flying around Maylands
[img src=]20Diana Krall at Kings Park
[img src=]20Cris Issak at Leewin
[img src=]20Leoanrd Cohen, East Perth
[img src=]20Australia Day 1
[img src=]20Australia Day 2
[img src=]20The Fiery Doves of Peace (Australia Day)
[img src=]20Australia Day 3


A selection of Greg’s photographs of beautiful Western Australia.