Code Sharing – When the Traveller Becomes a Mistress

Now we all know the battle for survival in the skies has been long and hard, some famous, seemingly invincible names have disappeared forever – Ansett and Pan American instantly spring to mind. I vividly recall flying out of Sydney … Continue reading

HOBBITON … Magic Afoot in Aotearoa

If there was one country you’d imagine had no need for man-made tourist attractions, it would be New Zealand, yet, in the language of revered Oxford scholar J.R.R. Tolkien, it has come to pass. Hobbiton has come to a bucolically … Continue reading

Dance Me To The End Of Love

The Ceremony (New Skin) The Reception (The Guests) The  Ceremony Video Warning! This love story will only interest family and friends – it’s a tale of love, distance, two different countries, music, poetry and finally,  marriage. You could say that the … Continue reading

Kalamunda’s Dilemma – Careful What You Vote for – You Just Might Get It. It’s a strange feeling for me to watch people from Kalamunda now complaining and protesting about the Barnett Government’s enforced council amalgamations, their lack of a voice and the lack of information. I spent months and thousands of dollars … Continue reading

Farewell to the Black Widow

Once upon a time, oh so may years ago, in Aotearoa, I fell in love with motorbikes – my first was a little Suzuki 50cc, quickly progressing to a 350cc twin. Later, in Oz, I rode across the Nullarbor on … Continue reading