La Chaîne des Rôtisseurs & Margaret River – A Perfect Match

Western Australia is not only an ancient land, it is also vast – experts tell us France fits into WA four times, Germany seven, yet such is the nature of the geology and climate, the population is only around 2.6 … Continue reading

Subbie Truckies, Safety, Cash and Turnbull’s Government.

  I’ve seen some hijacks in my time, but nothing quite beats the Federal Government’s manipulation of the minimum pay rates for truckies legislation, it’s been brilliantly painted as a TWU grab for membership and cash, but for those of … Continue reading

Perugino … An Italian Masterpiece

A sudden barking rumble of latent power shatters the late afternoon quiet of leafy West Perth, a gunmetal grey Audi RS powers out across Outram Street and the man from Umbria is gone. At first, Giuseppe Pagliaricci’s choice of chariot seems … Continue reading

Raconteur Photography

Every Picture tells a story … A Touch of History: I first started shooting weddings back in the mid 1980s, in the days of pretentious, often tipsy celebrants, convinced of their over-riding central importance. However after several years, fate intervened … Continue reading