Raconteur Photography

Every Picture tells a story … A Touch of History: I first started shooting weddings back in the mid 1980s, in the days of pretentious, often tipsy celebrants, convinced of their over-riding central importance. However after several years, fate intervened … Continue reading

Code Sharing – When the Traveller Becomes a Mistress

Now we all know the battle for survival in the skies has been long and hard, some famous, seemingly invincible names have disappeared forever – Ansett and Pan American instantly spring to mind. I vividly recall flying out of Sydney … Continue reading

Neil Diamond in Concert, Sandalford Winery

I’ve long puzzled over where Neil Diamond fits in the musical scheme of things – he’s usually ignored regardless of his past superstar status, in much the same way as the Seekers often don’t rate a mention, yet Diamond’s been … Continue reading

Eine Kleine Renaissance Music at the Prince’s Castle

Although we have a wonderful, vibrant  music scene  across all genres in Australia and New Zealand, it’s impossible to stage a recital or concert in a 600 year old castle – the performance may be of equal quality, however the … Continue reading