We’re witnessing a strange debacle on mainstream media, with the argument between two presenters / guests on a Ch. 10 talk show. To be honest, I had no idea Ch. 10 was still broadcasting, until the clip appeared on Twitter. I watched with interest, purely as a tsunami of outrage was building.

The discussion centred around demonstrators protesting about the current date of Australia Day celebrations, one panel guest, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, rather bizarrely questioned if any of the protestors had done something constructive, specifically mentioning the issue of rape and violence against indigenous women.

Whilst she was factually correct in outlining the hideous issue of violence Aboriginal women face daily, it was not a relevant statement to make, given the circumstances. She seemed to be saying that people did not have the right to protest and they’d be better off trying to fix more relevant issues. I have no idea what Ms Kennerley has done in terms of helping the situation herself, but it is a nonsense to suggest the underlying causes of the violence can be cured by a group of well-meaning people going to communities and singing ‘Kumbaya’ around the campfire, not to mention that the underlying issues are very much at the centre of what the people were legitimately protesting about.

She was taken to task by another woman on the panel, Yumi Stynes, however rather than correcting Ms Kennerley and questioning her obvious annoyance at the protest, she chose to play, what was, for me, a totally incorrect race card, accusing Ms Kennerley of being racist.

Now she may or may not be, I have no idea, however her statement about Aboriginal women facing everyday violence and rape is fact, several Federal and State government studies, (2017 and 2018), state that Indigenous people have over twice the rate of family violence-related assaults as other Australian females and males and that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders women are between two and five times more likely than other Australians to experience violence, as victims and offenders. Many of us who often travel through the Pilbara and the Kimberley have become desensitised and just accept what we see on the streets. which segues to poverty, despair, boredom and a lack of political will, on any scale, the arrival of Europeans has had a devastating effect on the indigenous population.

Why Stynes chose not to talk of these things, but went for the race card, I have no idea, indeed, as with Kennerley, one wonders what Stynes has done to try and correct the situation. But it got worse, descending into farcical, embarrassing name calling – Stynes repeatedly screeching about “… a line crossed”  and repeated “racist!” accusations, Kennerley at one stage told her to “Get new glasses’” and so on. To her credit, Kennerley didn’t quite  descend to the school yard level of Stynes, apart from the ‘glasses’ remark, she repeated several times that she was offended by the racist accusation, but it was unedifying behaviour by both of them.

The Twitterati are now at war, anyone not agreeing that Kennerley is racist is “… part of the problem.” … “ … another white privileged racist,” and so on, all the usual defamatory, ill-conceived insults are being hurled. Fact, once again has no place in the PC world.

Me? Having never watched the Ch. 10 programme and now seen what is supposed to be intelligent comment and debate, thanks but no thanks.


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