I can’t understand what the fuss is about, in terms of changing the date of our Australia Day celebrations – the 26th January was not when we became a nation, it was just the chance date when a bunch of self-righteous arrogant Pommy officers with a downtrodden mob of shackled prisoners who’d usually stolen food to feed their families, landed in what we now call Sydney.

Whether we like it or not, their arrival meant the virtual destruction of Aboriginal culture and lifestyle and the beginning of 200 plus years of degrading dispossession, ill health,  isolation and racism. It jars all of us who are of European descent, however the term Invasion Day is spot on.

Now celebrating Oz is a wonderful thing to do – we’re all very lucky to be here, but the date is irrelevant and very new – 1994! So why the screaming outrage about suggestions to change it?

The discussion has now been hijacked by probably the worst Prime Minister we’ve ever seen – well, there was Billy McMahon (the Liberal Party is good at this!), but I digress, this Morrison cove is not only threatening to bring the wrath of his God down on any person or council changing the celebration day, he’s now demanding a dress code!

On second thoughts, let’s put a temporary halt on changing the celebration date, we need to change the bloody government!


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